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24 Equipment that every soil testing lab Must Have | Best Equipment Setup for Soil Testing Lab

The Setup of laboratory plays a crucial role for a testing company. Many labs are facing the same issue but we are here to help you!
Below is the Complete range of equipment required for Soil Testing Laboratory

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Soil Testing Laboratory Instrument's


Triaxial Cell Test Apparatus

Triaxial Cell Test Apparatus conforms to the requirements of IS:2720 (Part 11) & (Part 12) and is made from a corrosion-resistant material. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the finish
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Standard Penetration Apparatus

Standard Penetration Test

Standard Penetration Test is a powerful tool for measuring the penetration resistance of the ground and for relating it to the degree of compactness of cohesionless soil and consistency
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Hot Plate With Energy Regulator

Hot Plate is fabricated from top-notch materials as per pre-defined industry standards. Our Hot Plates are known for their optimum utility and high performance. We have both round and
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Casagrande Test Apparatus or Liquid Limit Apparatus

Casagrande Test Apparatus or Liquid Limit Apparatus in mechanical form is known as Liquid Limit Method and has been in use for soil mechanics for a number of years. The Liquid Limit data of
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Sand Pouring Cylinder.jpg

Sand Pouring Cylinder Size: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm

Sand Pouring Cylinder is used for determination of the dry density of compact, fine, medium-grained soils and for layers not exceeding 50 cm thickness. A circular hole is dug into the ground.
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Pycnometer Bottle 1000ml 2

Pycnometer Bottle- 1000ml

Pycnometer Bottle is Useful to determine the specific gravity of clays, sand, and gravel of size smaller than 10mm. Specific Gravity is the ratio of the weight of a given volume of a material
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Brass Test Sieves 500x500 1

Test Sieves Set (G.I. Sieves and Brass Sieves)

Test sieves are a common laboratory requirement. Sieves are used for sieving of chemical powders, medical powders, aggregate, sand soil, and cement, etc. G.I frame of dia. 200mm, 300mm
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Core Cutter With Dolly Hammer

Cylindrical Core Cutter With Dolley and Hammer

Core Cutter of known volume is driven into the soil by a rammer. The core cutter is dug out, trimmed and the soil inside weighed and dried for moisture and density check.
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Rapid Moisture Meter Used For Water Content Test Of Soil

Rapid Moisture Meter for Moisture Content

Rapid Moisture Meter for quick determination of moisture content of materials in powder form viz. Soil, sand, coal, pottery slip, cement, etc. Calcium carbide when it comes in contact with
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Digital California Bearing Ratio Apparatus

The Digital California Bearing Ratio Apparatus (CBR) test is a penetration test used to evaluate the subgrade strength of roads and pavements. The results of these tests are used with the curves
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Proving Rings Compression Type

All proving rings are integral type viz. the loading (outside) bosses are forged integral with the ring body. This ensures that there is no possibility of abutment shift and consequent loss of accuracy in reading that always exists with bolted abutments.
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Soil Cone Penetrometer

Soil Cone Penetrometer is Used For determining the liquid limit of soils. This is especially useful to obtain reliable and accurate results of those soil that have a low plasticity index.
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