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Plastic Limit Test Set is used for determining the lowest moisture content of a soil at which the sample can be rolled into little rolls, 3 mm dia., without breakages.

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IS : 2720 (PART-VII)

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Test Procedure

The soil sample shall be mixed thoroughly with distilled water in an evaporating dish or on the fiat glass plate till the soil mass becomes plastic enough to be easily molded with fingers. In the case of clayey soils, the plastic soil mass shall be left to stand for a sufficient time ( 24 hours ) to ensure uniform distribution of moisture throughout the soil. A ball shall be formed with about 8gram of this plastic soil mass and rolled between the fingers and the glass plate with just sufficient pressure to roll the mass into a thread of uniform diameter throughout its length. The rate of rolling shall be between 80 and 90 strokes/min counting a stroke as one complete motion of the hand forward and back to the starting position again. The rolling shall bedone till the threads are of 3 mm diameter. The soil shall then be kneaded together to a uniform mass and rolled again. This process of alternate rolling and kneading shall be continued until the thread
crumbles under the pressure required for rolling and the soil can no longer be rolled into a thread. The crumbling may occur when the thread has a diameter greater than 3 mm.


The complete set consists of one each:

  • Glass plate 20cm x 15cm having round ends
  • Brass or stainless steel rod 3mm dia x 150mm long
  • Flexible spatula 15cm
  • Set of 6 moisture containers
  • Porcelain basin 150mm dia
  • Plastic wash bottle 500ml

Note: Glass Plate size 500 x


  • Set features products needed for Atterberg Liquid and Plastic Limits tests
  • Components are available individually for replacement



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