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Standard Proctor Test of soil is carried out utilizing Proctor’s check to know the compaction traits of various soils with a change in moisture content material. Compaction of soil is the optimum moisture content material at which a given soil kind turns into most dense and obtain its most dry density by removing of air voids.

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IS 2720, (PART-VII), ASTM D 698

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Compaction is the method of densification of soil by lowering air voids. The degree of compaction of a given soil is measured by way of its dry density. The dry density is most on the optimum water content material. A curve is drawn between the water content material and the dry density to acquire the maximum dry density and the optimum water content material.


Standard Compaction Moulds and rammers are used for figuring out the connection between the moisture content material and density of compacted soil. This equipment making by Made from plated metal, consists of a collar, mould physique, and base plate and Rammers are used to compact the soil pattern within the Proctor Moulds and fabricated from plated metal. Completely different models are available conforming to the related requirements.

The apparatus consists of one each of compaction mould steel, 100 mm I.D. x 127.3mm height x 1000 cc volume, complete with collar and base plate. Compaction Rammer is 2.6 kgs in weight x 310mm controlled fall.


Ordering Information

  • Standard Compaction Test Apparatus for light compaction (VSLIC-221).
  • Standard Compaction Test Apparatus, Manual -Light Compaction made of Mild Steel (VSLIC-221-MS).
  • Standard Compaction Test Apparatus for heavy compaction (VSLIC-222).
  • Standard Compaction Test Apparatus, Manual-Heavy Compaction made of Mild Steel (VSLIC-222-MS).
  • Proctor Compaction Apparatus as per BS code (VSLIC-223).
  • Compaction Apparatus for heavy compaction (VSLIC-223-H).
  • Proctor Compaction Apparatus as per ASTM code (VSLIC-224).
  • Standard Compaction Test Apparatus for Light Compaction as per ASTM Code (VSLIC-224-L).



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