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The VERTEX Semi-Automatic Compression Testing Machines have been manufactured for steady testing of concrete cube and cylinder specimens.

Can be done the following tests with this machines;

  • Compression strength tests.
  • Flexural and splitting tests by using proper accessories.
  • Mortar (Cement) compression tests by using proper accessories.
  • Unconfined core testing

Ref. Standard

IS 14858:2000, ASTM C39, BS 1881, EN 12390-4

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Semi Automatic Compression Testing Machine Testable Specimens
• Concrete Cubes: 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm concrete cube sample or any other custom cube and prism size can be tested with this machine.
• Concrete Cylinder: 100×200 mm, 150×300 mm, 160×320 mm concrete cylinder samples or any other custom diameters cylinder can be tested with this machine.


Technical Specification

 Model VS-452SA2 VS-452SA2 VS-452SA2 VS-452SA2
 Capacity   600 kN  1500 kN  2000 kN  3000 kN
 Roughness of Platens   ≤3.2 μm
 Platen Dimensions   Ø165 mm  Ø216 mm  Ø370 mm  Ø380 mm
 Max Vertical Clearance   340 mm  370 mm  370 mm  380 mm
 Piston Diameter   150 mm  230 mm  250 mm  300 mm
 Maximum Piston Movement  50 mm
 Horizontal Clearence   230 mm  320 mm  360 mm  425 mm
 Oil Capacity  12 L 20 L
 Max Working Pressure   34 MPa  36.2 MPa 41 MPa
 Dimensions (mm)  590 x 500 x 800  680 x 500 x 930  740 x 500 x 970  805 x 540 x 1050
 Weight   385 kg  590 kg  760 kg  1060 kg


Compression Frame – These are a heavy duty welded frame. The frames also include the platens as well as distance pieces to adjust the system for different sample sizes.

Semi-Automatic Power Pack – The motorised power pack is controlled by a pressure rate control valve to supply oil to the compression load frame. The operator can then vary the pace rate to suit the testing standard in use.

Digital Readout – the readout is designed for use with the load frames pressure transducer, it offers a realtime view of load and load pressure with peak hold capability and multi point calibration.


Other Variants Available

Manual, Computerized and Fully Automatic Servo hydraulic power packs are also available. VERTEX also produce a range of advanced servo controlled Automatic Power Pack with proportional valves.



Length (Inch) Width (Inch) Height (Inch)
500 970 740
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