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Concrete strength and uniformity evaluation using patented optical rebound hammer technology

Schmidt hammers by Proceq, the inventor of rebound hammer technology, have long been the global benchmark for non-destructive compressive strength estimation. Silver Schmidt OS8200 is as accurate, reliable, and versatile as ever — and now, connected, thanks to its optical measurement technology paired with digital productivity features and user-friendly mobile apps.

Our patented optical technology delivers compressive strength measurements with a higher range and far lower dispersion than any classical rebound hammer; and our versatile connectivity increases operator productivity and makes instantaneous reporting possible, from anywhere, anytime.

Ref. Standard

EN 12504-2, EN 13791, ASTM C 805, ГОСТ 22690

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Silver Schmidt OS8200


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Digital versatility

Silver Schmidt OS8200 live works as:

  • Connected digital hammer with instantaneous reporting and data sharing thanks to a user-friendly mobile app (Apple® iOS or Android™)
  • Stand-alone digital hammer with automatic calculation of the rebound value.
  • Digital hammer wirelessly connected to a Bluetooth printer for direct print-out of test results

Silver Schmidt accuracy

The Q-value brings greater accuracy at higher strengths.

Independent testing by the German Committee for Structural Concrete and the Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und Prüfung (BAM) has consistently demonstrated that the Q-value featured in Silver Schmidt OS8200 is much better suited for working with high strength concrete. Furthermore, similar studies carried out in Germany, China and Japan have proven that the Q-value delivers tighter, more accurate correlations for custom material curves.


Your Benefits
Strength estimation at a fraction of the cost and lead time, and without the mess of coring
Best-in-class strength correlation

Applicable from fresh to high strength concrete

Instant report generation on the go
Long service intervals
Combination With Other Methods Ultrasonic pulse velocity (SONREB) with Pundit 200
Impact Energy 2.207 Nm (N), 0.735 Nm (L)
10 to >100 N/mm2 (1’450 to >14’500 psi)
L-hammer with optional mushroom plunger: 5 to 10 MPa (725 to 1’450 psi)


Original Schmidt Live mobile app

Flexibility for all applications
Correlation to custom materials in accordance with major standards
Apply user defined corrections for carbonation, form factors, etc.

Compliance to standards
Select standard units and form factors
Hammer verification management according to requirements of major standards
Automated EN13791 test region screening test report

Collaboration and reporting
Visual report generation using lists, bar charts and statistics
Single and multiple series export in PDF or CSV format
Logbook annotations for full traceability (geolocation, text, images, voice)


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  • Fresh concrete strength estimation
  • Normal concrete strength estimation
  • High strength concrete strength estimation
  • Concrete uniformity testing
  • Custom correlation to compressive strength
  • Low strength (<5 Mpa) concrete testing
  • In-situ rock testing on massive rock (Type N)
  • Concrete testing on thin (less than 100 mm thick) samples (Type L)
  • Rock testing on cores according to ASTM D5873 (Type L)
  • Hardness testing of paper rolls (Type L)
  • Compressive strength estimation; concrete: 10 to 70 N/mm2/ 1450 to 10152 psi (Type N)
  • Screening of concrete to identify coring locations (Type N)
  • Uniformity testing of concrete (Type N)
  • Paper: Type L


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