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InfraRed Moisture Meter-

Brand: Vertex Brand

IS Standard :


This moisture meter has been designed for rapid and accurate determination of the moisture content of a wide variety of materials.

It is moisture wire instruments, the torque being applied to one end of the wire be means of calibrated drum to balance the loss of weight as the test sample dries under infrared radiation. The speed of drying (about 30 min) thus obtained, combined with the friction less balancing system gives the thus obtained, combined with the friction less balancing system gives the result as accurate as those obtained by standard oven drying method. Since drying weighing are simultaneous, It is useful specially for determination of moisture in substances that quickly reabsorbs moisture after drying. The infrared radiation is controlled by a voltage regulator and hereby provided excellent heat control. The instrument is provided with an indicator lamp, which glows when the unit is switched on.

The torsion balance has built-in magnetic damper or reduce pan binration sthat enables quick weighing. The balance scale (drum) is divided in terms of moisture percentage on wet weight basis, which are read directly from it. Graduations are form 0 to 100% in 0.2% divisions, but readings may be estimted to 0.1% moisture content.

Suitable for operation on 220 V, 50 Hz, Single phase, AC Supply,

Capacity : 5g approx.
Sensitivity : 10mg approx.
Range : 0 to 100% moisture content on wet weight basis.
Reading accuracy : ± 0.20%
Probable error : ± 0.25% in the lower range upto compared to 25% and ± 1% for moisture contents.
Oven methods : above 50%

The Equipment consist of the following replaceable parts:

VSLIC 302901 – Infra Red Lamp

VSLIC 302902 – Thermometer (L-Shaped)

VSLIC 302903 – Torsion Wire 

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